1) in opposition to sth used for stating which plan, idea, or action someone opposes and thinks is wrong
I'm against all forms of censorship.[/ex]
She argued against changing the design.[/ex]
the fight against drugs in our city's schools[/ex]
2) competing with sb/sth used for stating who or what you are trying to defeat in a game, race, or fight
England's World Cup game against Argentina[/ex]
3) directed towards sb/sth in a negative way used for stating who or what a negative feeling or action is directed towards
illegal discrimination against homosexuals[/ex]
There was growing resentment against the military government.[/ex]
Police are expected to bring criminal charges against Warren.[/ex]
4) touching or hitting sb/sth touching, hitting, or being supported by the surface of something
I fell heavily against the bookshelves.[/ex]
Ron's bike was leaning against a tree.[/ex]
5) providing protection from sth used for stating what someone or something is being protected from
All the children have been vaccinated against diseases such as polio.[/ex]
6) not allowing sth if there is a law against doing something, it is illegal
The state has a law against cruelty to animals.[/ex]
7) in the opposite direction in the opposite direction to the wind, the current etc
We were sailing against a strong easterly wind.[/ex]
against the law/rules — not allowed by the law/rules[/ex]
It is against the law to park here overnight.[/ex]
against your will — if someone makes you do something against your will, you do not want to do it[/ex]
No one will be forced to leave home against their will.[/ex]
against sb's wishes/advice — even though someone does not want you to do something/advises you not to do it[/ex]
She took the two children away against her husband's wishes.[/ex]
have something against sb/sth — to dislike or not approve of someone or something for a particular reason[/ex]
I think he's got something against artists.[/ex]

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